Rae Morris Update,  Plus Cool New Video,  Way Back When (2013)

Saturday Video:  We were quite taken with Rae Morris' debut EP, released last fall. She is an enormously talented singer-songwriter, and this week she announced that she is starting to record her first full length album. Here is what she said on her Facebook page.

Good morning my friends! Just wanted to let you guys know that today i'm starting to record my album! Making a record has been something I've dreamt of doing for a long time, and it feels incredibly surreal.

In meantime, here's a little video for you all that we filmed in Amsterdam a few months ago. It's an accapella version of my song Way Back When and I hope you enjoy....

Thank you for everything, Rae xc

Photos courtesy of Rae Morris

Bonus Video:  This is "Walls". Rae said, "I was lucky enough to perform my song Walls with 4 members of the Halle orchestra. This is how it turned out...."

Rae Morris - Grow (EP)

Rae Morris - Don't Go

Rae Morris' Website
Rae Morris' Facebook
Rae Morris' Twitter


Jan said…
Good songs, I never heard of her before. I'll remember this name.

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