All Time Top Ten - Damn You XPN!

As posted to the XPN discussion board regarding their quest to compile the 885 best songs of all time (picking 885 would be easier than compiling a top ten). Yikes.

This is way too hard, too many great songs you must ignore to pick ten. Oh, the humanity!
My list so far (will change before deadline):

Bob Dylan - Can't decide between Positively 4th Street or Tangled Up in Blue
Beatles - In My Life or Norweigian Wood or others (how do you pick one Bealtes song?)
Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter or You Can't Always Get What You Want
Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road or Rosalita or New York City Serenade
Jackson Browne - For a Dancer or Sing My Songs to Me/For Everyman or The Load Out/Stay
Genesis - Dancing With the Moonlit Knight or Cinema Show
Yes - Close to the Edge or Yours is No Disgrace or America
Chris Rea - Fool (if you think it's over) or On the Beach
Average White Band - Work to Do or Pick Up the Pieces or If I Ever Lose This Heaven
Joni Mitchell - Urge for Going or Song for Sharon
Allman Brothers - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Stevie Wonder - Golden Lady or I Believe (when I fall in love with you it will be forever)
John Lennon - Imagine
Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs (original b-side version)
The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again
Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle - Pickin' Up After You (from One From the Heart)
Dan Fogelberg - Part of the Plan
James Taylor - Fire and Rain or That's Why I'm Here
Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way or I'll Tell the World
Dave Brubeck - Take Five
Steely Dan - Dr. Wu
Donald Fagen - The Goodbye Look
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
Beach Boys - God Only Knows or In My Room or Surfer Girl
Once Blue - Stardust and Snow
Julia Fordham - Manhattan Skyline or Love or Foolish Thing or That's Life

...So you see the problem. Cheers.

Vote for your own all time top ten here:


koeeoaddi said…
Great list but you forgot "Koeeoaddi There." :-)

(by The Incredible String Band, of course)
koeeoaddi said…
Okay, I just voted. Here's mine:

Koeeoaddi There -- The Incredible String Band
Bernadette -- The Four Tops
The Lady and the Unicorn -- John Renbourn
Room to Move -- John Mayall
Rainy Night House -- Joni Mitchell
Mary -- Patty Griffin
John Barlycorn Must Die -- Traffic
Com All Ye - Fairport Convention
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away -- The Beatles
Inside -- Jethro Tull

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