Julia Fordham - Joe's Pub, New York City, 9/07/04

This quick run-down of the show was posted on the Julia discussion board, That's Life.

Julia was brilliant Tuesday night at Joe's Pub in NYC with full band, Mark Goldenberg on guitar, Jennifer Condos on bass, Kevin McKeever on keyboards and Mauricio "Fritz" Lewack on drums. It seemed like the majority of the audience stuck around backstage after, and it was indeed a pleasure to meet Julia's mum, dad, sister Claire, her awesome manager Lori Leve, and her excellent band. Julia was glowing in an orange top with a black flowing floor-length skirt. She credited the New York water for giving her "perfect hair" which it most certainly was, and threated to move east because of it. I'll post again after tonight's Philadelphia show which is acoustic with just Julia and Mark. Here's the set list (Perfect Me had to be scratched from the encore due to time considerations - Joe's Pub had to clear for the next event).

Falling Forward
Downhill Sunday
Concrete Love
Porcelain (with intense finish)
Sugar (with awesome guitar solo by Mark, and backing vocals by Mark & Jennifer)
That's Life
Wake Up With You (with story about her top ten dance hit)
Manhattan Skyline
Happy Ever After (w/Mark & Jennifer on backing vocals)

The encore song Holiday was another new jazz tune, Julia talked again about doing a jazz album, saying that after having done eight records in sixteen years as a singer-songwriter that it was time to try something different. Holiday was a beautiful song with just her voice and Goldenberg's mellow jazzy electric guitar - a real treat to hear. Being that her two CD Vanguard contract is up, Dave brought fellow Sony exec Mark Offenberg to the show in hopes of sparking interest in a potential Sony signing, at least for the jazz record.


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