Julia Fordham - Tin Angel, Philadelphia, 9/11/04

Given a choice, I think I would always automatically prefer to hear any artist perform with full band as opposed to solo acoustic, but having seen Julia with band at Joe's Pub, seeing her "acoustic" performance at Philadelphia's Tin Angel on Saturday night was completely amazing in its own way. Accompanied only by Mark Goldenberg on mellow electric guitar, Julia performed a set that was stunning in its intensity. Goldenberg's guitar backing on many of the songs veered toward the sort of jazz style that characterized the new jazz song that she's doing as the encore this tour. Julia reminisced about the "Philly Clickers" from the show at the same venue two years ago, and she also invited the same saxophone guy from two years ago to come up and play again on two songs. Here's the setlist:

Falling Forward
Girlfriend (sung with emotion like it was written yesterday)
Downhill Sunday (incredibly intense)
Concrete Love (talked about India.Arie guesting on new live DVD)
Porcelain (with new ending section, Julia sounding almost like India.Arie)
Sugar (with Mark & Julia singing the backup vocals together)
That's Life (great guitar arrangement)
Perfect Me
Love (intense)
Wake Up With You (with story about putting the vinyl 12" dance version on at the wrong speed)
Manhattan Skyline (In honor of it being 9/11, w/Rob Stone guesting on sax)
Something Right (also w/Rob Stone)
Happy Ever After
Stay (one of Julia's favorite songs)
Holiday (the new jazz song, beautiful)

Again one of the planned encore songs (in this case, Jump) got bumped because of venue time constraints. I can't really say that either show was better than the other, but I will say that both shows were awesome and even though the setlists were similar, the two shows couldn't have been more different. What an incredible talent she has. It is a total privelege, honor, and pleasure to be able to experience these shows. Thanks again to Lori Leve and Dave Curtis.


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