New Album From Tanita Tikaram Released on 6/13/05

Speaking of female vocalists from the U.K., it was great to discover yesterday that Tanita Tikaram has a new record out this week, Sentimental. From what I can gather, she's released it on a French label, Naive, which is distributed by V2 Records Scandinavia. There are sound samples of four songs at the Naive site, and they all sound great. It's available at at Amazon (UK), but the best price is to be found at CD-Wow, £8.75 with free worldwide shipping which works out to approximately $15.99.

After breaking out with an international hit, "Twist in My Sobriety" at age eighteen, Tanita released six fine albums over the course of ten years, but hasn't been heard from since her last album, The Cappuccino Songs (1998) which never even saw release in the U.S. even though it ranked with the best work of her career. Sentimental features a simplified, live-in-studio production style that provides the perfect setting for the long awaited return of this talented singer-songwriter. Welcome back Tanita, can't wait to hear the entire disc.

Looks like 7 yrs off agrees w/her.


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