Melody Gardot & Lizanne Knott - World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, 4/27/06

It would be hard to imagine an experience more cathartic than enjoying a beautiful spring day by taking a half hour walk across town to hear two local singer-songwriters perform a lunchtime concert at the World Cafe Live to promote their upcoming May 6th show at the same venue. Melody Gardot most likely attracted some new listeners performing on WXPN's Philly Local Live concert broadcast last October. The bio on her website describes recording her cd Some Lessons, from her hospital bed while recovering from an automobile accident. Her musical career, considering the physical limitations of the disability she was left with, is truly inspirational. Performing today on acoustic guitar with a drummer playing snare with brushes, Melody laid down a really nice jazzy groove on her guitar while doing songs from her cd, as well as some new songs that she is in the process of recording now. It was great to see her looking and sounding so well.

Lizanne Knott performed an enjoyable set of tunes from her latest cd, Under the Burning Sky, with some songs drawn from her first cd, Limited Edition. Lizanne played acoustic guitar accompanied by the always reliable Jef Lee Johnson on electric guitar, last seen in a similar role at Milkboy Coffee backing up Lelia Broussard.

Johnson's appearance was a treat, but having glanced at Lizanne's website before the show, it did not come as a complete surprise considering that the connection is Lizanne's husband Glenn Barratt who did such a superb job producing Lelia's current cd. It was great to finally hear Lizanne and Melody play live. Both will be back on the bill with singer-songwriter Kristin Diable on Saturday night May 6th at World Cafe Live upstairs. Remember to click on each photo to enlarge. All photos © W.Kates, 2006.


Charlie Ricci said…
I just sampled Melody Gardot's music on her website and she has a very nice voice. I don't know anything about her history or disability. Is she blind?
Anonymous said…
I found your blog by accident looking for a link to Lizanne Knott's cd. I actually wanted to comment because I have seen Melody before, she's not blind. But I know she would never take off her glasses in daylight. Her website describes (the one you linked to) that she cant stand it. I don't know why. But its there. :) Nice show recap by the way!

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