Melody Gardot - Rockwood Music Hall, 2/16/07


It was magic time Friday night at the Rockwood as Melody Gardot brought her band to one of the most intimate venues on New York's Lower East Side. Baby it was cold outside, but inside the Rockwood it was hot in every sense of the word. Mixing a few new tunes with selections from Worrisome Heart and a couple of covers, Melody gave another breathtaking performance.


The Rockwood's performance room could not be any larger than about a thirty foot square and it was quite a challenge just to load in the band to the tiny stage amidst the packed house. Melody was in good spirits, joked with the crowd, and even squeezed in an unplanned encore, the gorgeous "All That I Need is Love" to send her audience home on a tuneful high.


Melody at one point asked the band to disappear (not really possible in this venue) while she went solo acoustic for a new tune, "Baby I'm a Fool" which has a simply beautiful melody and lyric, almost on the order of "Gone". The gist is "Baby I'm a fool who thinks it's cool to fall in love," great stuff. The superb band consisted of Ken Pendergast on upright bass and electric guitar/bass, Charlie Patierno on drums, Patrick Hughes on trumpet, and Bryan Rogers on sax.


My Soul is Weary (a new original in gospel style)
Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
Les Etoile (killing us all in French, nice trumpet solo)
Quiet Fire (burnin')
Worrisome Heart (cool electric guitar & bass in one)
Wicked Ride (beautiful jazz guitar sound from guitar/bass)
Baby I'm a Fool (awesome new song, solo acoustic)
My World (the bonus track on Worrisome Heart CD)
Love Me Like a River Does (cool & hot)
Goodnight (just a great song)
Encore: All That I Need (indeed)


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Melody's website.
Melody's myspace.



Danyelle said…
Gorgeous photos Bill! Was the mp3 you put here recorded by you at Rockwood?

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