Annekei - The Living Room, 5/20/08

Annekei did a killer show last night at the Living Room, band cooking as hot as I've heard them play. She opened with a new song, "Coming Back to You" sounding totally amazing. Next up was "Off My Mind", shown here in a live version recorded for Fearless Music TV about two weeks ago, this is the same band as last night, courtesy of

The set continued with more of the new songs that she's been playing of late and which will likely be on her U.S. debut CD that she'll be recording this summer. "Melt" and "100 Square Feet" sounded great with this band and with Annekei at the top of her game, these songs sound ready for CD right now. Here are videos of both songs from last night, courtesy of youtube user octane31.

Leslie Lemmon on bass and Fred Alias on drums.

Jeff Smith (above) is a supremely talented multi-instrumentalist; he did a great sax solo during "Keep Playin'". Guest vocalist Patrizia Ferrara came onstage to sing with Annekei, they started with an acapella gospel song that led nicely into "Chills", again with a fantastic version that couldn't help but give a few to the Living Room crowd. Here's the video, thanks a million to youtube user octane31, click on the video window to go to youtube to see the rest of octane31's videos. So great to have this.

Corey Glover of Living Colour joined Annekei and Patrizia onstage to close the show with a killer version of "Lay Down with Me". Annekei says she's heading out for the summer to record in California and do some more touring in Asia, hope to see her back in NYC soon.

Annekei's first two Japanese albums are uniformly excellent and she has just released a new duet album with Jack Lee in Korea which I am dying to hear.

7/07/08 Update - Just found the Annekei/Jack Lee album on U.S. iTunes for $9.99. It's now loaded onto my iPod, look for a review soon. Annekei's first album is also available on iTunes.

Annekei & Jack Lee - Letter (Korea, 2008)

And here's a different cover as released by Universal International (2008)

Annekei (Zain Records, 2006)

Tsuki (Zain Records, 2007)

Annekei's myspace
Annekei's website


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