Dido on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Watch "No Freedom" & "White Flag", 2/20/13, New Album March 26th

Saturday Video:  It's been seven years since Dido's last album, Safe Trip Home, a record that was richer and more complex than her first two, and even though it sold a more than respectable five million copies worldwide, it didn't have the glistening hooks and succession of hit singles to drive sales into the stratosphere like it's predecessors, No Angel and Life for Rent. Hits or not, Dido is such a good songwriter and performer that her music appeals not only to the singles crowd, but to the singer-songwriter audience who wouldn't be caught dead listening to hits radio.

After so much time, expectations are high for Girl Who Got Away released next month, Dido's fourth album. Dido was here in the States this week to promote it with an appearance Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Here she is with a live performance of the lead track and first single, "No Freedom".

She also did "White Flag" on Kimmel.

Girl Who Got Away (Deluxe Edition)

Here is the track list for the deluxe edition.
1. No Freedom
2. Girl Who Got Away
3. Let Us Move On' feat. Kendrick Lamar
4. Blackbird
5. End of Night
6. Sitting On The Roof Of The World
7. Love To Blame
8. Go Dreaming
9. Happy New Year
10. Loveless Hearts
11. Day Before We Went To War
12. Let Us Move On
13. All I See
14. Just Say Yes
15. Let s Run Away
16. Everything to Lose
17. Lost

Bonus Video:  Here is the "No Freedom" music video.

Photos courtesy of Dido

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