New Courtney Jaye Song & Video,  Watch "Say Oh Say" (2013),  New Album Coming 5/7

Saturday Video:  Nashville songstress Courtney Jaye has just released a new song and video, "Say Oh Say", the first taste of her new album, Love and Forgiveness, coming on May 7th. Courtney told USA Today that her new album is "a seventies-inspired country-pop album." From what we've heard, Courtney has never sounded better and we are more excited about this one than just about anything else on the horizon.

Courtney is giving a free download of "Say Oh Say" in exchange for your email address at her website. Love and Forgiveness will be her fourth album. Her last, The Exotic Sounds of Courtney Jaye, wound up on our list of the best albums of 2010.

Bonus Video:  Here is a live version of "Morning", a song which is also going to be on the new album. With your appetite thus sufficiently whetted, now would be a fine time to read Courtney's Tropical Nashville Five.

Photos courtesy of Courtney Jaye

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Dave The Rave said…
Great track and Courtney's looking as lovely as ever...

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