Texas - New Album Due May 20th, Listen to the New Single, Title Track Sounds Stunning After Eight Year Hiatus, The Conversation (2013)

Good News from Glasgow:  Texas will release their eighth album, The Conversation, on the 20th of May, consisting of twelve new songs, their first album of new material since Red Book (2005). To celebrate the release, there will also be two deluxe versions of the album; one will be a double CD with ten live tracks on disc 2, the other is a 23-song download that includes everything on the double CD, plus one extra bonus track, "Where Do You Go", exclusively for pre-orders on iTunes.

The Conversation is available at U.S. iTunes, which is welcome news for listeners here in the States who have had to go the import route for all of Texas' albums since The Hush (1999). Tezas will celebrate not only the new album, but also their 25th anniversary as a band with two very special pre-release shows, one in Glasgow, one in London. These shows will be at small intimate venues with ticket sales handled by lottery at their website. "Only 50 pairs of tickets will be available for the Glasgow show and 75 pairs for the London show. Tickets for the shows will be £15.00 per ticket."

Texas unveiled the first single this week, the album's title track. Starting with a bluesy guitar riff that recalls the straight ahead guitar rock of the first album, "The Conversation" has the pop/rock sophistication that drove so many Texas singles to the top of the UK charts. The band sounds tighter than ever, and when they stop on a dime there's but one thing you can do. Play it again. "The Conversation" is out now on iTunes.

Texas - The Conversation

Here is the Tracklist:
1. The Conversation
2. Dry Your Eyes
3. If It Isn't Real
4. Detroit City
5. I Will Always
6. Talk About Love
7. Hid From The Light
8. Be True
9. Maybe I
10. Hearts Are Made To Stray
11. Big World
12. I Need Time

There will also be a special edition with a bonus live CD containing ten Texas favorites, recorded in Scotland in 2012.

Here is the tracklist for the bonus disc:
1. I Don't Want A Lover
2. Summer Son
3. Halo
4. In Demand
5. The Conversation
6. When We Are Together
7. Once In A Lifetime
8. Say What You Want
9. Black Eyed Boy
10. Inner Smile

Bonus Video:  We can't resist this classic video in which Sharleen Spiteri dances with Alan Rickman in a gas station. The song is "In Demand", one of the three new songs that were included in The Greatest Hits (2000).

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