DivShare Is Dead, A Note To Readers

When I started this blog in July 2004, I basically wanted to see what all the fuss was about with blogging. I was (and still am) obsessed with music so that was the obvious choice. Back then this blog had no pictures, no graphics, no audio, and no video, only text. I went to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival that month and wrote about everyone that I saw play. As soon as I posted I was hooked. I am also a lifelong photographer and I photographed every artist that I saw play at Falcon Ridge. At the time, it was painful not to include these pictures in my post. There was no easy way to do that then, let alone post audio tracks or video. YouTube didn't exist yet in 2004, it began in 2005.

As soon as it became feasible I added photos, audio, and video to the blog. Each of these elements required an outside website to host the media files. With audio, the first and best hosting site was a website called DivShare. You uploaded your files to their servers and they provided HTML code to embed audio players in Blogger blogs. At their inception, this service was free. Several years ago, "to ensure the future availability" of all the music files that have been embedded in my blog over the years, I began to pay DivShare for their service.

In 2015, what with YouTube, I didn't have too much need for audio tracks in my blog articles, but when I did, I began to have problems uploading files to DivShare. After months of DivShare being unresponsive to requests for technical support, today I looked into it. Sadly, I must report that all of the music files that I had stored on DivShare have been deleted, and the website no longer seems to exist. All of the audio players embedded in my past articles no long exist. Although this is unfortunate, it is not feasible to go back and redo all that audio. None of the articles in 2015 are affected since they contain no DivShare audio. Going forward, I will just use YouTube until such time as I find a new host for music. Please use the comment section below to offer any suggestions, your imput will be appreciated.


Charlie Ricci said…
That's sad. You had some good stuff on here. Here is a LINK I found today. The 2nd comment is from August.

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