SXSW - Day Two, Thursday, 3/19/09

Started the day by finishing the band list and mapping out potential shows for day and night. It was another day of perfect Austin weather, and a great way to ease into the day's music turned out to be hanging at the Captiva Records party at The Troubador, and seeing two artists from the U.K. who are not released here yet. The day and evening included a number of additional unreleased artists (including two more from the U.K.) and ended with one of the most enjoyable sets of SXSW so far, by a group from Brooklyn called Via Audio; funny to come all the way to Austin to discover someone from home. Here are today's shows (links will go live with show photos and descriptions soon).

SXSW - Day Two, Thursday, 3/19/09
Marli (London, UK) 2-2:30pm
Honey Ryder (London, England) 3-3:30pm
Amy LaVere (Nashville, TN) 4-4:30pm
April Smith and the Great Picture Show (Brooklyn, NY) 5:30-6pm
Kim Taylor (Cincinatti, OH) 8-9pm
Laura Critchley (Liverpool, England) 9-10pm
Amy Wadge (Pontypridd, Wales) 10-11pm
Brooke Waggoner (Nashville, TN) 11pm-12am
Jessie Frye (Arlington, TX) 12-1am
Via Audio (Brooklyn, NY) 1-2am

Favorite lyric of the day, from April Smith and the Great Picture Show, "Drop Dead Gorgeous":

Now I'm staring into those vacant eyes,
trying to figure out if you unstood a single word that I said.
Is there anything going on in that pretty little head?
If you're just drop dead gorgeous, you should just drop dead.

Listen to "Drop Dead Gorgeous" from the April Smith's live EP.

Some random shots from Thursday.

More posing on 6th Street.

Getting more street crowds each night.

Top of the Capitol building.

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Charlie Ricci said…
Did you enjoy the ambiance at my club? I hope the bathrooms were clean.

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