Julian Peterson - Rockwood Music Hall, 7/10/09

One of the really cool things about the Rockwood Music Hall and the Living Room, is that when you come to see someone, you often get to hear someone new, playing in the hour immediately before or after the person you came to see. Last night depsite some craziness on the Jersey turnpike on the way to Shayna Zaid's 8pm show, an early arrival at Rockwood enabled seeing a complete set by Julian Peterson in the 7pm hour. Julian has two very cool looking guitars and plays them exceptionally well. His set was good sounding, mostly original material drawn from his self-released album Get On This Train.

Listen to "Hold On"

Cover songs can tell you a lot about an artist; what they choose to play and how they choose to play it can speak volumes and give the audience a reference point from which to interpret the rest of the artist's music. Such was they case last night when Julian pulled out a cover of John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" singing it "in the style of Donny Hathaway". The last time I heard someone do the Donnie Hathaway verson of "Jealous Guy", it was Chrissi Poland on John Lennon tribute night at the Long Island City Bar last December. If Julian's respect for the elders of soul and blues wasn't immediately clear to the Rockwood audience, this gem of a cover put a nice point on it.

Listen to "Footprints"

According to his myspace, Julian's band is normally a trio, with Julian on guitar and vocals, Andrew Perusi on bass, playing the upright last night, and Nick D'Agonstino on drums. In addition to the trio, last night Cian McCarthy guested on keyboards, reprising the same role he played in the recording of Julian's record.

Buy Get On This Train at CD Baby.

Julian Peterson's website.
Julian Peterson's myspace.


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