Joe Walsh - Interview With Howard Stern 6/04/12, Listen Here

Joe Walsh stopped by the Howard Stern Show yesterday for a freewheeling interview with Howard. Joe was most candid about the years he lost to alcohol and drugs, plus he told a great story about writing "Rocky Mountain Way." Joe's happiness about his survival, his sobriety, his marriage, and his new album came through loud and clear. Here is the complete interview (53:46).

Photos courtesy of the Howard Stern Show

Joe's new album, Analog Mancomes out today.

Analog Man [CD / DVD Combo Deluxe Edition]

Joe Walsh's Website
Joe Walsh's Facebook


M.Lamerex said…
My sincere thanks to you William, for posting this excellent, 'nothin'-but-the-hard-truth' interview with the great human being that is Joe Walsh.
Howard's such a childish wanna-be-rockstar & such a gossip monger, but Joe's nice enough to take it in stride.
Gotta be embarrassing for him (& his wife) when Stern is obsessed with getting his fantasy rocks-off asking him question after question about his fling w/ Stevie Nicks, 20+ years ago. Joe just wants to be nice & talk about NOW...but that NY a-hole just has no empathy for whoever he's badgering.
If anyone's trying to kick dependency, Joe is really an inspiration. Hell, he is in any case.

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