Snakadaktal - Dance Bear (2012), Another Cool New Track From Australia, Via The Ripe

Snakadaktal - "Dance Bear"

Another Nice Taste of the Melbourne Music Scene: Three days ago, Australian indie label I Oh You released "Dance Bear", a new single by Melbourne indie band Snakadaktal, with the following post on the label website:

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Hi Friends,

It’s moments like this that I realise how lucky I am to be able to work with the bands we do. Today Snakadaktal have dropped their new single “Dance Bear”. I’m not even going to describe it or try and sell it to you….I wouldn’t do it justice.

Listen to Snakadaktal - "Dance Bear"

Photo courtesy of Snakadaktal

That morning, there was an update from The Ripe, waiting in our email, and this song immediately caught our ears with its cool keyboards, catchy chorus, great vocals and nice fat beats. Triple J radio in Melbourne jumped on the song straight out of the gate on their morning show and before the day was out, "Dance Bear" was being re-posted on music blogs and websites all over Australia, and that's as good a definition as we've heard for a hit song in this internet era. Here's what Huw Nolan had to say, in The Ripe:

This morning Tom and Alex debuted Snakadaktal’s new single “Dance Bear” on Triple J at 7:30 in tha AM. Whilst it would have been nice to hear the tune debuted for the first time across Australian airwaves, it was just way too early for me to get out of bed. So I streamed the bad boy on soundcloud sometime later like a damn cheater.

However what I heard was some typical Snakadaktal but with a hit of maturity. Phoebe’s voice pierces the synthy melody and we are taken on a journey of a dream wave synth pop anthem that rolls into a post punk dance chorus. It is too early in the morning for me to decided whether or not I like it, as I feel like a new born fetus with a extremely delicate and undeveloped sense of hearing (I look like one too, all puffy and rank).

However as I arrive at the end of track I am finding that my head is bopping involuntarily to the music. I have always been a fan of Snakadaktal and this song has delivered. Now to rub the sleep out of my eyes.


Triple J radio has been featuring Snakadaktal on their website and on their playlists ever since Snakadaktal released their debut EP last year. Here's what Dom had to say Tuesday on the Triple J website:

Melbourne's Snakadaktal are back with their first new tune since taking out last year's Unearthed High competition. It's called 'Dance Bear' and it's arguably the most direct, rocking tune the band's ever recorded.

Building on their love of spacey melodies and boy/girl vocals which characterised their debut EP of last year, 'Dance Bear' ups the epicness by adding in a crunching drum loop reminiscent of late '90s Nine Inch Nails and soaring, delayed guitars.

The band have begun demoing songs for their forthcoming debut album, but they'll be taking a break from that soon to play shows around the country. Keep an eye out for those dates if you're digging this new one from Snakadaktal.

Both the new single and the debut EP are available in the U.S. at iTunes. Before we close, we've got to show you this cool video of another great sounding song by Snakadaktal. This is "Chimera", from their self-titled debut EP.

Snakadaktal - EP

Snakadaktal on iTunes
Snakadaktal's Facebook
I Oh You Website
I Oh You on Facebook


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