Live 8 to be Rebroadcast on MTV & VH-1

MTV has just announced, in response to the firestorm of criticism they received for their Live 8 coverage, that tomorrow they will rebroadcast ten hours worth of complete sets from Live 8 with no commercial interruption. It is unknown exactly what format they will use for this but they are already indicating that there will be some artist duplication between the five hours shown on MTV and the five hours shown on VH-1. In any case it couldn't be any worse than the butchering they did of the live feeds on July 2nd. The rebroadcasts will run tomorrow from 10am to 3pm on VH-1 and from 3pm to 8pm on MTV, the logic of which is likely known only to the powers at Viacom. May they not screw it up, this time.


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