Swing Out Sister - New Album Due Soon, Beautiful Mess (2008)

The big news for the worldwide audience of British jazz/soul/pop-meisters Swing Out Sister is that a new album, Beautiful Mess will be released on February 27th by Avex Records in Japan, with worldwide release to follow. The title track is now available for the listening on their myspace and it sounds great.

Listen to Swing Out Sister - "Beautiful Mess"

Here's the news as provided by Corinne with track list, courtesy of the Swing Out Sister website.

It was a race against time to get Beautiful Mess finished before Christmas to make the February 27th release date in Japan. We are still in discussion with other territories including the US, and are currently planning rehearsals for dates in Japan at the end of March. No plans for US dates yet - but we are working on it… (We have to come back & see you!)

Here is the track listing for Beautiful Mess:

Something Every Day

Time Tracks You Down

My State of Mind
I’d Be Happy

Butterfly Lullaby

Secret Love (You’re Invisible)
All I Say. All I Do

Out There

Beautiful Mess

Butterfly (Little Wizard Mix)

Something Every Day (Little Wizard Mix)

Will be in touch when we have something to report!

Corinne xxx

2/15/08 Update: Swing Out Sister has posted a second preview song, "Secret Love"to their myspace player.

Listen to Swing Out Sister - "Secret Love"


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