Melody Gardot's Worrisome Heart Due Next Week on Verve

Melody Gardot's Worrisome Heartgets it's major label release on Verve next Tuesday, February 26th. The songs have been re-sequenced, one song has been dropped, and and the CD has a new cover. This is one really special record and the Verve release should bring Melody new audience while she makes her next CD for Verve with producer Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Julia Fordham, others). Amazoncurrently lists a price of $6.99 which is an absurdly great bargain for one of the best CDs ever. Read my complete review of the independent release here.

Listen to Melody Gardot - "Gone"

Re-sequencing is to be expected when a major label reconfigures an independent release. No explanation has yet been given for "Wicked Ride" being deleted, but it is fairly likely that this signature song is being held back in order to include it on Melody's next CD. The new cover is more in keeping with the original independent cover than the previously planned cover that was shown for a time on the Amazon in the U.K. The British release was postponed from last November, it is out now in the U.K. and now sports the same cover as here.

Melody's personal history is as compelling as her music, read all about it using the links below. Her major label success could not be more well deserved.

Melody's website.
Melody's myspace.


Charlie Ricci said…
"Wicked Ride" is one of the very best songs from the indepedent release. As the rest of the CD is the same there may be no reason to purchase this one.
William Kates said…
Thanks Charlie for your comment. I agree about "Wicked Ride" which is why I think they might be holding it back for her next CD. If you already have the independent version of Worrisome Heart, you don't necessarily need the Verve reissue. However for the rest of the world, this is a great oppotunity to get to know this amazing artist and songwriter at an absurdly low price.

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