Swing Out Sister - "Something Every Day"

Here's the third new tune from Swing Out Sister's forthcoming new album, Beautiful Mess. This video of "Something Every Day" was posted by Andy to the Swing Out Myspace page after it started showing up on Youtube in lower quality.

According to Andy's post:
"The clip was directed by the very talented animation specialist Paul Dunkley, using photography by our long-term collaborator, and all-round good bloke, Mr.James Martin.."

Beautiful Mess will be released on February 27th by Avex Records in Japan, with worldwide release to follow, no specifics yet on a U.S. release, however Andy just posted a link by which to mailorder the CD directly from the band. Just click over to the Swing Out Myspace page and the purchase link is on today's blog which also includes this explanation from Andy:

Beautiful Mess - availability..

With the Japanese release of Beautiful Mess just around the corner, I've recently been checking out the various online retailers and have, as usual, been fairly horrified at the import price that enthusiastic listeners, from Europe and America in particular, would have to pay to get hold of a copy. Amazon UK want £20, and in the US quotes seem to range from around $30 to a frankly bizarre $60 at Amazon US.

With this in mind, and while we don't as yet have domestic releases in place, I thought we'd offer a service similar to what we did with the Live in Tokyo album. We have a limited number of autographed copies of the album, identical to the Japanese release, with the same artwork, apart from the fact that they come in an eco-friendly card wallet as opposed to the jewel case of the Japanese version, and so do not contain the inside liner notes. As for price, again I'm thinking along the same lines as we did with LIT, ie £10 (or equivalent) per copy, inclusive of postage and packaging.

So, if anyone is interested in getting hold of an early copy at a rather more reasonable price than those currently quoted, or if you'd simply prefer to think that your hard-earned cash was going more directly towards benefitting the band itself rather than some international transportation company, then, by all means, buy now..

Swing Out Sister's myspace.
Swing Out Sister's website.


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