Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree (Mute, 2008)

First Listen - Goldfrapp has put their entire new record, Seventh Treeup on the myspace player today for a preview listen. On first pass it sounds like Allison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory have delivered a beautifully written, sung, performed and produced pop record, a dramatic departure from the dance/electronica style of music that Goldfrapp is known for. The rhythmic synth sound that characterized their last album Supernatureis mostly absent from Seventh Tree.

Allison's voice sounds great on these tunes, which is made even more evident by the restrained, dare I say, subtle production style. "Cologne Cerrone Houdini" (will need to find out about that title), sounds almost soulful. On first listen I'd have to say Seventh Treesounds delightful and definitely worth getting to know it better after it's release next Tuesday (Feb. 26th).

Goldfrapp's myspace.
Goldfrapp's website.


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