Natalie Walker - The Living Room, 3/07/08

Natalie Walker did another superb show at the Living Room last night. Her band's amazingly great sound combines with Natalie's voice to melt the room every time out.

The packed Living Room got to hear about seven songs from Natalie's first solo release, Urban Angel,plus what sounded like three new songs she's written for her next album, including "Lost My Shadow" and "Over & Under".

Aaron Nevezie - Guitar

She opened with "Crush", the latest single from Urban Angel.The set also included "Rest Easy" and "Waking Dream" which are always great to hear.

Listen to "Rest Easy".

"Quicksand" might be familiar to folks who aren't aware of Natalie by virtue of continuing play on the Sirius chill channel (the Thievery Corp. remix). Natalie described "No One Else" as "the first love song I ever wrote" and boy did she ever nail it on the first go.

Listen to "No One Else".

Urban Angelis really something special, and seeing Natalie play live with her band is always well worth the effort.

Urban Angel (2007)

Natalie Walker's myspace.
Natalie Walker's website.


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