Look See Proof - SXSW, Wave Rooftop, 3/15/08

Look See Proof is a loud Brit band with Cockney accents, good that their voices could actually be heard. As you can see in the above photo, not much could be seen but the backs of the heads of the people crowded into the tiny space on Wave's second floor. We came to meet a friend of a friend here and in the category of checking out new artists, this was another winner.

In Austin every bar, restaurant and pizza joint with a few square feet to spare becomes a venue for SXSW. Wave may be a cool bar but has possibly the worst logistics of any venue in Austin for live music. It's a long narrow building, and to get to the one functioning stairway at the far back of the building, the constant line of people going up to and coming down from the second floor has to file directly in between the downstairs stage and audience watching whoever is playing. Upstairs is just a mass of people squeezed into the small space, good perhaps for the rock energy of a group like Look See Proof.

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