Hafdis Huld - SXSW, Momo's, 3/15/08

Hafdis Huld is an artist who I'd found on myspace long enough ago that I can't remember exactly how I found my way to her page, but the tunes on her player and the photos of her and her native Iceland were always a unique and enjoyable place to visit. It was undoubtedly one of the most unexpected and happy surprises of SXSW to find her here playing the festival.

Backed by a keyboard player and two acoustic guitarists, Hafdis played a nice sampling of her tunes during a late afternoon set at Momo's. With quirky (in a good way) lyrics and fairly simple melodies, Hafdis charmed the audience with songs about ice cream, monsters, ski jumpers, and diamonds on her belly. She introduced "Tomoco" as a single with a video which you can both listen to and watch on her myspace page. Her set included a killer cover version of "Material Girl" backed with banjo, rhythm guitar and xylophone; this was one of the more unusual, interesting and cool versions you could ever hope to hear of this classic Madonna tune.

Her music, her looks (she describes herself as a "Glittery Fairy Princess"), and her cute Icelandic accent combined to captivate the small but appreciative audience; most of whom apparently knew or knew of her and came specifically to see her.

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